Taliban Trizzy – Taliban Trizzy (EP)

After months of releasing singles and miscellaneous loosies on soundcloud, Taliban Trizzy finally delivers his self titled EP. He releases his first full-length project on his birthday as a gift to his fans and himself. This EP comes in at ten tracks long with a wide range of production and displays Trizzy’s knowledge of melody and cadence; crooning over most of these songs about his life and love/hate relationships with friends and females. A lazily, auto-tuned sung verse has become a trend in recent hip-hop, but Trizzy gives you an added feeling of triumph on tracks like “Frontin” and “Kobe”. Following the uplifting theme, he raps about others worrying trying to fit in an amorphous genre and how he’s trying to stand out coming from a city with other extremely prolific artists.  Trizzy hails from Atlanta and is looking to add his name to the list of threats coming from his city. Stream the project below and follow him on twitter to wish him happy birthday. 


.:: Five Finger Posse ::.

The more common rappers you’re reminded of when you think of Philly consist of guys like: Meek Mill, Black Thought, Freeway, and maybe even Will Smith. Artists like these really paved a way for the up-and-coming guys of the same scene; although Five Finger Posse may take a different route than classic Philly standards, these guys are just as serious. Delving into the sub-genre known as “tread”, fathered by producer F1lthy–⅙ of Working on Dying–it has become a very prominent, online movement. Often compared to early New Orleans bounce music, tread has become increasingly popular with rappers such as Black Kray, CHXPO, and Five Finger Posse on the forefront.

And from the depths of hell to the Juuginham Palace, four artists emerge as a group known as the Five Finger Posse. FFP consists of rappers Yung Mojo, Morgue!, Sub9k, Alvin Abyss and 5G who are all based out of Philadelphia, PA. They began recording and distributing their music outside of solo endeavors about year or two ago. During their brief uprising, they have collaborated with artists such as WIFIGAWD to the incredible production group Working on Dying, who are also Philadelphia natives. FFP is a group of soul selling, pentagram toting rappers who make it sound as authentic as ever.

Five Finger Posse is the most solid, DIY group of artists since Odd Future. These guys bring clever, trap talk and mix it with satanic themes over slower, bass heavy production filled with more drums than synths. While the group is not as exuberant as a young Tyler, the Creator, they stay effective by masking these themes in between everyday routines and procedures. Therefore, instead of the satanic themes becoming the domineering context over their projects, they may just simply know a girl who has been practicing witchcraft; gifting their music with ideas of subtlety and realism. The group has released two projects together, the first being “The Bitter End” and the second, released only four months after, is “Trapped in the Trenches”.  Both tapes feature production from close collaborators Working on Dying and display the talent that is erupting out of Philadelphia. Stream both projects below.  

CHXPO – Pirate King

CHXPO is an artist based out of a hidden trap village in Iceland–according to his soundcloud–who is incredibly prolific and has already released nine projects this year. Even that number could be inaccurate but with plans of only releasing more music before the year ends, I’ll hone our focus on his most recent release, “Pirate King”. CHXPO is flying relatively low on some radars, but his former association with SpaceGhostPurrp, his current alliance with the production group Working on Dying, and his remarkable work ethic shows this guy has a lot to offer. This tape doesn’t feature any other vocalists, but showcases beautiful, bass heavy production from guys like Oogie Mane, Dari Loso, etc. CHXPO gains a lot of influence from the drill music scene and shares similar stories and context, but keeps up with the pirate theme. Stream the project below and check out the other eight from the extremely authentic rapper.

Mar90s – LifeBeforeDeath EP

Mar90s was a name I commonly saw featured with rising stars like UnoTheActivist and ThouxanBanFauni but he, himself, only had a few tracks of his own. Just a few days ago, he decided to drop his recent, if not first, project “LifeBeforeDeath”. The EP is filled with boisterous instrumentals that match the Atlanta native’s energy and warped autotune sound. Mar90s is simply speaking on his life before death on this tape and that become increasingly obvious when you hear lines like “I’m only twenty-one touching six figures”. This EP only fuels the fire of the already fuming Atlanta scene. Stream the project below and follow him on twitter for the best flex pics.


CYBERSPACEPIMP joins forces with frequent collaborator POPULAIRE CLUB to release this four song project. This tape features CSP giving us his best trap talk over ethereal, minimalistic production. This guy is developing a lot of the same appeal Playboi Carti has, but with more imaginative and interactive wordplay. On the track “Death in Designer” it displays the artist lulling through a immensely smooth rhyme scheme making the 2 minute song seem even more brief than it already is. The closing track “Rob CV$” has my favorite instrumental of the four and proves this guy can make songs with impressive replay value. CSP has the right aesthetic and is putting his name in the right places; I would not be surprised if he ended up getting the last laugh as a message to anyone who doubted him. Check out the project below and follow the cyber, space pimp through the portal or get left behind.

Ghost McGrady – 198X: RMXs

Ghost McGrady delivers these songs as if he had them sitting in a smoke chamber filled with multi-colored strobe lights. 198X: RMXs places some of today’s most popular songs and nestles them inside slow, groovy R&B production, and with the added voice modulation, McGrady has reimagined these songs into beautiful compositions. The first two tracks are dark and mysterious which helps PartyNextDoors vocals coast smoothly over cloaked 80’s synths which quickly transitions us into a tropical rainforest when it’s time for the “2020 Tokyo Olympics”. This project blends the magic of vaporwave with the prowess of our pop stars to shape unique soundscapes. Purchase the project from his bandcamp below or watch the psychedelic video here.

WARHOL.SS – Suprise! (EP)

Warhol is a young dude from Chicago who’s been uploading tracks to soundcloud for about year now. He’s already collaborated with most of the bigger guys on the web, but he’s finally started to grow his own loyal fan-base. Fresh of the recent release of his “Surprise” EP, we find Warhol setting up shop behind walls of distorted bass and copious hoodrich tags. Polo Boy Shawty, another chicago native, handles all the production and provides the perfect canvas for Warhol to show his true colors. The tracks feel more like strokes rather than actual paintings, in the sense that the project comes and goes pretty quickly; it only makes sense to put it on repeat to get the full picture. Warhol is one of the more promising up-and-coming talents from Chicago.  Get yourself familiar with this guy: follow him on twitter @warholss and check out the EP below.