.:: Stacy Money & ATM ::.

Stacy money and ATM are two rappers from New Jersey currently using the way of the internet to find their start. Soundcloud has become quite the platform for artists wanting to get their foot in the door, start growing a fanbase and/or an archive. It’s even adapted it’s own genre known as simply “soundcloud rap” or now commonly referred to as “mumble rap”. If you aren’t familiar, these terms are used in attempt to describe rappers who do not have a prominent focus on lyricism, but allow the atmosphere of vocals mixed with production to create a unique style of hip-hop. Stacy and ATM both play a part in this new wave of rap music, even though they might not be the frontrunners, they are building quality songs and projects.

Stacy utilizes the tools of cadence and melody to carry him through songs about racing in ubers, traveling across different states, and avoiding lovestruck women on his newest project “neighborhood superstar”. This tape is only thirty-three minutes long and finds Cor Blanco filling in the bulk of Stacy’s croons with arcade style synths and keys. These guys provide an incredible vibe between the both of them; with Stacy floating over colorful keys and ATM sleepwalking through the minimal production on his tape.

 ATM painted his green in a new light when he said “My money stackin’ like it’s part lego” on the intro for his tape “Watch the Glo”. Unlike the artist aforementioned, ATM sounds like he’s recording moments before dozing off on tracks like “M4” and “Friends”–two of my favorites. His lack of energy shown on these songs has me curious as to what kind of attention he could even give the women mentioned. Neither artist take things to a deep personal level, but their philosophies are written all over. Cor Blanco handles all the production on ATM’s tape and they both show their versatility making this project mellow, yet entertaining.

Stacy Money and ATM don’t sway too far outside the typical subject matter you’ll find in hip-hop, but I feel like these two styles are rapidly becoming more popular. Once these guys are able to scrap their DIY aesthetic and start making more polished tracks is when they’ll begin to reach a larger audience, but they’re two of my favorites right now who display a lot of talent  “soundcloud rappers” have to offer.

Follow the artists on twitter to keep up to date on thangs: @cokestasy & @fuckatm


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