.:: water.lo ® ::.

For the newest artist profile, we’re looking at the youngin’ water.lo from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Lo is only eighteen years old racking up over tens of thousands of plays for multiple tracks on his soundcloud. How long he has actually been recording and taking his art seriously is unbenounced to me, but his attention to minor details is very noticeable. What I find interesting about Lo is that he takes voice modulation in a different direction in terms of recent hip-hop releases. While also producing a majority of his available tracks on soundcloud, he warbles his voice through walls of noise on tracks like “Times Like This”. But whether he’s autotuning his high notes or cloaking his lows, he blends his vocals behind his instrumentals which almost provides an easier listening experience. Instead of trying to catch clever metaphors or double entendres, Lo rides the production with a sort of elegance I can only depict with the image of somebody bullriding perfectly. While following bucks and adjusting for hard turns, on tracks like “Wasted”, it sounds like he’s recording his vocals in a beehive. It’s not surprising he’s had a successful come up with connections to the wave starter that is Indica and also being in a group with him and other great, noteworthy acts.  With no projects out and all the time in the world, Lo has a very bright career and is one of the more exciting artists coming out of the genre. Stream his loosies below and follow him on twitter in anticipation of his first release. 


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