#Worm…Saturday 🛌

Errmm.. I had this typed up on Wednesday, but then fell asleep as soon as I got home then Thanksgiving got in the way of posting it and once I realized it was late, I just caught up on more sleep SO YOUR GRANDMA’S FAVORITE BLOGGER IS BACK. Here it is, Worm..Saturday:

Greetings and salutations fellow music lovers. We are back with the only consistent series on this site: #WormWednesdays. Once again, this is just an entry where I like to talk about the music I’ve been indulging in throughout the week. We were actually hit with a barrage of new music this last week so I’ll outline some of my more favorite releases and maybe a touch on some that I feel should be noted. You’ll have to excuse any errors you may come across, Young Thug and 21 Savage came to my home town to perform at a sold out venue last night so I’m operating on three hours of sleep and a twenty-minute nap I took during my lunch break.

⇒ Low Leaf – Palm Psalms: A Light to Resolve All Darkness

This is an incredible neo-soul album from singer-songwriter Low Leaf out of Los Angeles, California. The very ethereal production showcases Low Leaf’s ability to sing and pluck an assortment of instruments. The production scales all over the place, as if Flying Lotus made field recordings. She has an incredible catalog of music, but on this album, we find her on a jazzier spectrum than we’ve heard before. This album has sent me to other dimensions and I encourage you all to take the journey.

⇒ Dawn Richard – Redemption

The future of pop has never sounded so full and vibrant. This album displays some amazing songwriting and production groovy enough to shake you out of your socks. As a former member of Diddy’s pop-supergroup Danity Kane, Dawn has an extremely polished voice. She sings as if these songs were intended to make the Top 40 list but the production sounds like something you’d want to watch along with the iTunes visualizer. Hitting a range of different sounds, this album starts off strong and quick and then as Dawn opens up, we find the songs getting slower and more dramatic. This album was really well produced and you’ll find some songs that will strike you at your core.

⇒ Kevin Abstract – American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story

American Boyfriend is one of the most honest and revealing albums that has been released this year. Kevin Abstract shares stories of his relationships and the effect they have on himself and the people closest to him. He really encompasses these tales inside his unique soundscapes that can’t quite be defined as hip-hop or indie. I think he does a great job painting the world he lives in on this album, or at least the world he wants us to witness. With an album so personal, it isn’t uncommon to feel some sort of pain behind the words spoken; whether it be in his rapping or singing. With the addition of some very short interludes, he’s able to change the pace of this album with ease and here we find Kevin in his most vulnerable state.


Continuing the trend of talking about moody R&B music, 6LACK delivers his long-awaited LP. With such a trend, I find myself questioning what makes these projects stand out from each other. Just think about almost every alternate R&B project that has come out this year was accompanied with a black and white album cover. 6LACK, on the other hand, has been in this industry for far longer than anticipated. Although this may be his first official debut, he’s been behind the scenes for almost ten years dealing with label frustrations. Now free from all that constraint, he delivers his adequately named project “FREE 6LACK”. 6LACK does a good job of separating himself from the pack by keeping his stories about his personal relationships descriptive, honest, and relatable. The single for the album, “PRBLMS” is a good example of what sets him apart: his production is a bit more hard hitting, which allows him to break out into rapping at any given moment. So we find 6LACK changing the pace of this album often throughout. He also comes with more #bars than you’d typically hear on an R&B album but is still able to deliver catchy croons

⇒ Mele – I Swear (Single)

OH MY GOD, I have been obsessed with this song. From how he opens it with the falsetto and then how the rhythm evokes an urge to dance like no other. I find the hook incredibly catchy and the phrase “You move like the love of my life” quite poetic. I came across this song from a choreographed dance video on youtube and I haven’t stopped listening to it. iTunes has it listed as “Modern Dancehall” so I’m all down for that. The production is pretty simple with a steady bassline, some snaps and drums but it gives Mele plenty of room to groove and set the tone.

⬇︎ I decided to throw in some bonus albums from soundcloud for the extended wait ⬇︎

⇒ AGoff – Evil Trap Files 2: Reloaded

I don’t know how AGoff has reinvented himself from the SODMG weed carrier to one of the frontrunners of the underground, but he has been killing it. Fresh off the release of his first Evil Trap Files tape and a collaboration EP with Goth Money lyricist Kane Grocerys, this tape starts off with the banger “It’s a Knife” in ode to 21 Savage. Splish Splash–who produces the majority of this brief tape–does an excellent job on the production, maximizing the use of bass on this one and “Take a N*gga Bread”. This short tape packs a big punch and oozes swag, hop on this wave quick or have your door kicked in.

⇒ Smokepurpp (lil purpp) – Up Now Fuck Next

The long-awaited tape from hit creator Smokepurpp has arrived. This tape is filled with bangers front to back. Smokepurpp has find a formula that works for him and is able to make compelling hooks along with some clever verses. This tape features three other rappers but it’s obvious he doesn’t need that crutch on the three solo tracks. Although, as I say that, my favorite track is the “diswaydatway” with Larry June. These jams are very #turnt and will have you jumping around your abode and asking your grandma for the K on Christmas.

⇒ CHXPO – Lil Grimy Chxpo

It’s pretty outstanding when a rapper is able to release mixtapes faster than I’m able to listen and write about them. But yeah, CHXPO is just that guy. He’s back with another EP and he’s only reassuring my stance in quantity over quality. Obviously people have conflicting perspectives over this, but I love being able to dig through an artist’s extended discography and unearthing gems. CHXPO will be remembered as a great, I’m sure of it. His sound is only getting more polished, refined and it’s sounding more organized than ever. CHXPO is sharpening himself and has quickly become one of my favorites.


#WormWednesday 🐛

Welcome back to another entry in the series #WormWednesday. If you aren’t familiar, every Wednesday I try to sit down and discuss the albums I’ve really been into throughout the past week. I’ll stray away from talking about projects I’ve already discussed previously, although this isn’t entirely an entry on new music, I’ll try to squeeze in my thoughts on new projects as they come.

A Tribe Called Quest – We Got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service

Let me begin this by saying I have never been a huge ATCQ fan, much less any music from hip-hop’s “golden age”, so when I saw that they were releasing an album this year, I had no expectations and initially had no intentions of even listening to it. But, rest assured, my curiosity got the best of me and with the stellar feedback it had already been receiving, I dove in. My first thoughts were how refreshing the album sounded and the samples-in a sense-”took me back”. With their timeless sound, they proved why they are one of the most legendary rap groups to this date. Even with the passing of the late Phife Dawg, they constructed an album that doesn’t sound like old heads forcing a resurgence of the “golden age” or them even trying to fit in with the kids on soundcloud. This group of pioneers set sail and came back with a bigger set of gems than we could have ever expected. The worm thanks you for your service.

Gucci Mane & Future – Free Bricks 2: Zone 6 Edition

Gucci, following his successful strategy of releasing content as fast as the upload speeds will allow, finds himself surprising all of us-including Future-and releases yet another project this year. According to La Flare himself, he and Future made this EP in one (1) day flat and dropped it the next day explaining  “These joints ain’t even 24 hours old.” The tape features some crazy beats from Metro, Southside, and Zaytoven and we see a side of Atlanta we haven’t seen in these enigmatic artists since their come up. You should be familiar with the style and context of these two guys, but their chemistry is something we haven’t been accustomed to since 2011 when the first tape of the series came out. Future’s croons soften Gucci’s edgy approach and we find a bass rattling balance in between it all.

Beethoven / Josef Krips – 9 Symphonies

Take it as you will, but I found a box set of these records where I work and have began to grow an obsession with classical music. In my last #WormWednesday entry, I touched on how I like to have some music on in the background to help fill the emptiness and add some ambiance. Well last week we found shoegaze filling that void and now this week it’s classical. I know it’s easily dismissable while also being hard to digest because of it’s length, this record proves to be essential as background noise. I catch something new on each listen whether it be the grace of the violins or the strength of the horns, this is truly a masterpiece and can be appreciated by anyone. Oh yeah, Beethoven was deaf while he composed these. Just keep that in mind as (if) you listen.

CHXPO – Lil’ Ice Attack

CHXPO makes Gucci’s content output look like Jay Electronica’s. He is now back with his 22nd mixtape THIS. YEAR. This guy is on a total rampage, crushing rappers and instrumentals alike, but CHXPO says it best on track, It’s a Bet, “We ain’t seen bloody yet”. On this tape, it seems like all the hip-hop pieces fall right into place: the bass hits right where you want it and CHXPO is sharper than ever. This project is filled with clever quotables and icey trap talk which is more impressive when CHXPO tells us in an interview that he freestyles all his content. Which also explains how he’s able to keep up this incredibly prolific output.

Mixtape Worm – Tulsa, OK [Playlist]

Don’t worry, I’m not plugging my own content. This is a playlist I made today just for this entry. I’ve recently been scanning soundcloud for all kinds of content and new artists to listen to when I realized I could be focusing on my own city. I compiled this with some of my favorite tracks from local artists coming out of my area, hence the title. The content is pretty straight-forward, there isn’t a whole lot of experimentation on any of these tracks outside the genre of hip-hop, but I found a lot of the rappers on this playlist are very fluid in their individual styles and could rap over just about anything. The city is still progressing tremendously in terms of talent and I hope I’m able to capture it all and everyone finds success how they see fit.  


If you aren’t familiar with the artists that collectively make up Five Finger Posse, then you’ve come across the perfect article. If you would like to get more acquainted with their prior releases you can check out another entry I’ve written about them here. If not, let’s hop right into the content.

With a major co-sign from the taste maker of the underground, SpaceGhostPurrp, these guys have not relented any momentum they’ve been gaining. Coming off two mixtapes they’ve released as a group, the members of Five Finger Posse have set on creating their own solo projects. Within the last month or two, 4 out of the 5 members of the group have released a tape of their own. Their work ethic is actually incredible when you take notice these guys have features on each other’s tapes and two of the projects were produced entirely by members of Working on Dying–other Philadelphia natives.

With that said, these tapes don’t travel very far in terms of sonics–the drums are fast, the bass matches the vocals which is dark and heavy, and the synths are your only sliver of light but even they are sparse and weak. The production is active enough to be played at a club or party, but the content, yet realistic, is very dark and you’d be more inclined to listen to these guys as you throw bricks through a house.

The lyrics don’t ever get deeply personal, which if you listen to the projects, you’d start to think there is a reason behind that. Verses are stocked with lines about filled backwoods, vexing women, and falling into an abyss just to ride out with demons. If these damaged devils did have anything personal to share, it’d probably tear my sheltered heart to shreds. Instead they keep their minds on a common goal and execute plans to perfection.

These guys are looking to expand the genre in combination with the help of their producers. While the focus seems to be on making anthems with demonic and sadistic themes as the main attribute, the individual tapes show each of these guys can be decent spitters with imaginative ideas. Each of these tapes showcase something special from these guys and I invite you to find something you think stands out.  


#WormWednesday 🐛

Donald Trump is president; let’s get that out of the way. While trying to avoid the topic altogether, I must say that our nation is tired and our people are pushed to their limits so treat others with love. It’s very sad to see the rage from both sides, still. We are one human race and are supposed to be one nation. We coexist in one civilization so let’s avoid running it into the ground for as long as we can.

With that said, I’ve decided to start a series where each Wednesday I’ll gloss over some tracks and projects that I’ve been listening to throughout the week and the week prior. These probably won’t end up being all hip-hop music, but hopefully you hear something you like and I get better at this writing thing in the meantime.

  • K. Forest – Eyes of Taiga

This album was actually released today so it makes sense I’d talk about this one first. If you aren’t familiar with K. Forest yet, he’s the man behind one of my favorite songs from Birds in Trap Sing McKnight. I’m not sure how it all worked but his track “Guidance” ended up on Travis’s album under the same name with Travis’s vocals on it and it might have been pitched down, as well. Anyway, he has previously released a mixtape and this new album trumps (boo) it like a stampede. Eyes of Taiga is a dark, spacey R&B project that runs in the same vein as PartyNextDoor, but can be a tad more upbeat or danchall-ish, if you will. K. Forest has an incredibly smooth voice that matches his melodies on tracks like “Favor” and you’ll also hear him spit a few bars here and there which seems effortless for him on the almost ambient production.

  • Zeroh – 0 EMISSIONS 5

Zeroh has been on an absolute onslaught this year. From not hearing much of him in 2015 to almost becoming my favorite rapper of this year, here he is, releasing his 7th project (!!!) in 2016. I don’t know if zeroh has finally felt he has hit his stride or if he’s been holding on to this material for ages, either way, the music sounds like the hip-hop experiments of a tortured prophet. Burying his screams and chants behind layers of modulation and noise, zeroh is making his claim as the Daniel Johnston of hip-hop.

  • Tinashe – Nightride

Another R&B album up to bat and we have Tinashe at the plate. Almost clocking in at an hour, this album does a great job of changing the pace from slow, glitchy R&B–Sacrifices–to catchy, radio friendly singles–see Company above. From what I’ve read on miscellaneous hip-hop news outlets, if I remember correctly, Tinashe had trouble promoting this album and getting a proper rollout for it and her singles, so I’m glad we got see how she curated this one. Her soft voice sounds great over these slower, dark soundscapes which seems to becoming quite the trend in the genre. Being a beautiful, well sung and marketable talent, I see bright things for her career. This would be a good album for fans of FKA Twigs if you wanted her to have a more mature voice and traditional R&B approach.

  • Causa Sui – Summer Sessions, Vol. 2

When I’m not actively tapping into the world that is hip-hop, I like to just have some music on in the background during work or random house activities. A variety of genres can fit this mold and recently it’s been obscure rock music. I know the word ‘obscure’ has been labeled as pretentious, but take it as you will; Causa Sui has a pretty incredible discography and I discovered this band while scouring charts on rateyourmusic.com. There is a myriad of noises and sounds you will hear throughout this album, but bottom line is they are a jam rock band with hints of psychedelia. You won’t hear any words spoken on this album, but you’ll hear an occasional saxophone which is just glorious.

  • Caribou – Tour CD 2005

Another addition to the background noise mold has been the album Caribou only released while on tour up until last week sometime when they upload this album amongst three others on their bandcamp. If you aren’t familiar, Caribou makes some tasty, pop music that sounds like a LSD trip. These releases are a bit more experimental and less colorful but it makes for a more somber, cozy album that has become a relaxing listen with the cold weather approaching–In fact, there are songs called “The Snow Capes” and “Sinuses” on this one. This is the one you pop in when you’re glum and are in need of hot cocoa.

Stacy Money – I Never Cared

The New Jersey native delivers his short, but sweet “I Never Cared” EP. The cover art is a great representative of what the music kind of sounds like; bubbly, auto-tuned sung music with sleepy melodies that could be Top40 hits. Stacy comes across lackadaisical but the cadences carry him through each song as if he were held by angel wings through these tasty beats. The production is very bright and almost heavenly on tracks like “She Can’t Say No 2 Me”.  Take a trip through the brief, colorful EP and put it on repeat. Stream it below and follow him on twitter.

A Boogie wit Da Hoodie – TBA

Not known for this particular style, New York is a host of some of hip-hop’s greatest and most recognized talents. Some of the most well crafted rap albums were made in this city of grit and grime and A Boogie is looking to soften the edges. Coming off a very successful debut tape that was Artist, he found feature spots on PnB Rock & Fetty Wap’s collaborative mixtape, DJ Spinking’s project–which this tape also features and also led him to open up for Drake on a few shows during his tour. In contrast to the percussion-heavy production New York is known for, each of the songs on this tape start with modulated piano keys or airy synths.

This EP starts off with a really triumphant song in “Ransom” and gets more somber as the tape plays on. To get one thing out of the way: All the hooks on these songs are extremely infectious and will have you wishing you knew the words just to sing along. “Ransom” has the most radio-friendly bpm making this an easy one to slip into a #party playlist of sorts. For only being twenty years of age, there is a certain maturity in his music that is rare amongst the new wave of rappers. His work has always come off polished, but the content is also surprisingly clean yet still extremely catchy. The DJ Spinking collaboration, Timeless, is outstanding. The production on this song has A Boogie changing his flow repeatedly. Even though it runs in as the second shortest song on the tape, for me it was the most memorable, but the reference to Gucci Mane’s “Wasted” could also be the reason for that.

Backtracking a bit on the tape, I would just like to point out the softer, more subtle drums on “Macaroni” which provided a sparse soundscape for the artist to mix up his vocal range. Along with “99 Problems & Messages”, these songs show off his philosophies when it comes to women, relationships–particularly sliding into social media inboxes–and how seriously he’s already taking his craft. It also contains one of my favorite hooks from the mixtape that has me trying to match all of Artist’s notes while closing up at work. The last two songs quickly get more personal; on “Baecation” he talks about the types of adventures he’d take, well with someone he considers his “bae”. This consists of sitting on beaches, partying in vegas, driving expensive vehicles, etc. but he sends a reminder to the woman he’s with that it’s still money over everything. This philosophy also comes into play in the last track “Wrong N*gga” where it seems like this could be a song directed at a specific person in A Boogie’s life. He ends this tape by sending shots at old haters and warning new ones saying he is not the person to try and take advantage of.

This has been a tape I’ve kept coming back to since the release and I think A Boogie is on the right track to leave his staple in the genre. As far as I’m aware, this project was entirely self produced, aside from the DJ Spinking collaboration, which is extremely impressive. It’s obvious where he draws influence but his roots give him a certain flavor that helps him stand out even with the tough competition from his city. Hopefully we can see an A Boogie and Tim Vocals collaboration at some point.