#WormWednesday 🐛

Donald Trump is president; let’s get that out of the way. While trying to avoid the topic altogether, I must say that our nation is tired and our people are pushed to their limits so treat others with love. It’s very sad to see the rage from both sides, still. We are one human race and are supposed to be one nation. We coexist in one civilization so let’s avoid running it into the ground for as long as we can.

With that said, I’ve decided to start a series where each Wednesday I’ll gloss over some tracks and projects that I’ve been listening to throughout the week and the week prior. These probably won’t end up being all hip-hop music, but hopefully you hear something you like and I get better at this writing thing in the meantime.

  • K. Forest – Eyes of Taiga

This album was actually released today so it makes sense I’d talk about this one first. If you aren’t familiar with K. Forest yet, he’s the man behind one of my favorite songs from Birds in Trap Sing McKnight. I’m not sure how it all worked but his track “Guidance” ended up on Travis’s album under the same name with Travis’s vocals on it and it might have been pitched down, as well. Anyway, he has previously released a mixtape and this new album trumps (boo) it like a stampede. Eyes of Taiga is a dark, spacey R&B project that runs in the same vein as PartyNextDoor, but can be a tad more upbeat or danchall-ish, if you will. K. Forest has an incredibly smooth voice that matches his melodies on tracks like “Favor” and you’ll also hear him spit a few bars here and there which seems effortless for him on the almost ambient production.

  • Zeroh – 0 EMISSIONS 5

Zeroh has been on an absolute onslaught this year. From not hearing much of him in 2015 to almost becoming my favorite rapper of this year, here he is, releasing his 7th project (!!!) in 2016. I don’t know if zeroh has finally felt he has hit his stride or if he’s been holding on to this material for ages, either way, the music sounds like the hip-hop experiments of a tortured prophet. Burying his screams and chants behind layers of modulation and noise, zeroh is making his claim as the Daniel Johnston of hip-hop.

  • Tinashe – Nightride

Another R&B album up to bat and we have Tinashe at the plate. Almost clocking in at an hour, this album does a great job of changing the pace from slow, glitchy R&B–Sacrifices–to catchy, radio friendly singles–see Company above. From what I’ve read on miscellaneous hip-hop news outlets, if I remember correctly, Tinashe had trouble promoting this album and getting a proper rollout for it and her singles, so I’m glad we got see how she curated this one. Her soft voice sounds great over these slower, dark soundscapes which seems to becoming quite the trend in the genre. Being a beautiful, well sung and marketable talent, I see bright things for her career. This would be a good album for fans of FKA Twigs if you wanted her to have a more mature voice and traditional R&B approach.

  • Causa Sui – Summer Sessions, Vol. 2

When I’m not actively tapping into the world that is hip-hop, I like to just have some music on in the background during work or random house activities. A variety of genres can fit this mold and recently it’s been obscure rock music. I know the word ‘obscure’ has been labeled as pretentious, but take it as you will; Causa Sui has a pretty incredible discography and I discovered this band while scouring charts on rateyourmusic.com. There is a myriad of noises and sounds you will hear throughout this album, but bottom line is they are a jam rock band with hints of psychedelia. You won’t hear any words spoken on this album, but you’ll hear an occasional saxophone which is just glorious.

  • Caribou – Tour CD 2005

Another addition to the background noise mold has been the album Caribou only released while on tour up until last week sometime when they upload this album amongst three others on their bandcamp. If you aren’t familiar, Caribou makes some tasty, pop music that sounds like a LSD trip. These releases are a bit more experimental and less colorful but it makes for a more somber, cozy album that has become a relaxing listen with the cold weather approaching–In fact, there are songs called “The Snow Capes” and “Sinuses” on this one. This is the one you pop in when you’re glum and are in need of hot cocoa.


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