If you aren’t familiar with the artists that collectively make up Five Finger Posse, then you’ve come across the perfect article. If you would like to get more acquainted with their prior releases you can check out another entry I’ve written about them here. If not, let’s hop right into the content.

With a major co-sign from the taste maker of the underground, SpaceGhostPurrp, these guys have not relented any momentum they’ve been gaining. Coming off two mixtapes they’ve released as a group, the members of Five Finger Posse have set on creating their own solo projects. Within the last month or two, 4 out of the 5 members of the group have released a tape of their own. Their work ethic is actually incredible when you take notice these guys have features on each other’s tapes and two of the projects were produced entirely by members of Working on Dying–other Philadelphia natives.

With that said, these tapes don’t travel very far in terms of sonics–the drums are fast, the bass matches the vocals which is dark and heavy, and the synths are your only sliver of light but even they are sparse and weak. The production is active enough to be played at a club or party, but the content, yet realistic, is very dark and you’d be more inclined to listen to these guys as you throw bricks through a house.

The lyrics don’t ever get deeply personal, which if you listen to the projects, you’d start to think there is a reason behind that. Verses are stocked with lines about filled backwoods, vexing women, and falling into an abyss just to ride out with demons. If these damaged devils did have anything personal to share, it’d probably tear my sheltered heart to shreds. Instead they keep their minds on a common goal and execute plans to perfection.

These guys are looking to expand the genre in combination with the help of their producers. While the focus seems to be on making anthems with demonic and sadistic themes as the main attribute, the individual tapes show each of these guys can be decent spitters with imaginative ideas. Each of these tapes showcase something special from these guys and I invite you to find something you think stands out.  



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