#WormWednesday 🐛

Welcome back to another entry in the series #WormWednesday. If you aren’t familiar, every Wednesday I try to sit down and discuss the albums I’ve really been into throughout the past week. I’ll stray away from talking about projects I’ve already discussed previously, although this isn’t entirely an entry on new music, I’ll try to squeeze in my thoughts on new projects as they come.

A Tribe Called Quest – We Got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service

Let me begin this by saying I have never been a huge ATCQ fan, much less any music from hip-hop’s “golden age”, so when I saw that they were releasing an album this year, I had no expectations and initially had no intentions of even listening to it. But, rest assured, my curiosity got the best of me and with the stellar feedback it had already been receiving, I dove in. My first thoughts were how refreshing the album sounded and the samples-in a sense-”took me back”. With their timeless sound, they proved why they are one of the most legendary rap groups to this date. Even with the passing of the late Phife Dawg, they constructed an album that doesn’t sound like old heads forcing a resurgence of the “golden age” or them even trying to fit in with the kids on soundcloud. This group of pioneers set sail and came back with a bigger set of gems than we could have ever expected. The worm thanks you for your service.

Gucci Mane & Future – Free Bricks 2: Zone 6 Edition

Gucci, following his successful strategy of releasing content as fast as the upload speeds will allow, finds himself surprising all of us-including Future-and releases yet another project this year. According to La Flare himself, he and Future made this EP in one (1) day flat and dropped it the next day explaining  “These joints ain’t even 24 hours old.” The tape features some crazy beats from Metro, Southside, and Zaytoven and we see a side of Atlanta we haven’t seen in these enigmatic artists since their come up. You should be familiar with the style and context of these two guys, but their chemistry is something we haven’t been accustomed to since 2011 when the first tape of the series came out. Future’s croons soften Gucci’s edgy approach and we find a bass rattling balance in between it all.

Beethoven / Josef Krips – 9 Symphonies

Take it as you will, but I found a box set of these records where I work and have began to grow an obsession with classical music. In my last #WormWednesday entry, I touched on how I like to have some music on in the background to help fill the emptiness and add some ambiance. Well last week we found shoegaze filling that void and now this week it’s classical. I know it’s easily dismissable while also being hard to digest because of it’s length, this record proves to be essential as background noise. I catch something new on each listen whether it be the grace of the violins or the strength of the horns, this is truly a masterpiece and can be appreciated by anyone. Oh yeah, Beethoven was deaf while he composed these. Just keep that in mind as (if) you listen.

CHXPO – Lil’ Ice Attack

CHXPO makes Gucci’s content output look like Jay Electronica’s. He is now back with his 22nd mixtape THIS. YEAR. This guy is on a total rampage, crushing rappers and instrumentals alike, but CHXPO says it best on track, It’s a Bet, “We ain’t seen bloody yet”. On this tape, it seems like all the hip-hop pieces fall right into place: the bass hits right where you want it and CHXPO is sharper than ever. This project is filled with clever quotables and icey trap talk which is more impressive when CHXPO tells us in an interview that he freestyles all his content. Which also explains how he’s able to keep up this incredibly prolific output.

Mixtape Worm – Tulsa, OK [Playlist]

Don’t worry, I’m not plugging my own content. This is a playlist I made today just for this entry. I’ve recently been scanning soundcloud for all kinds of content and new artists to listen to when I realized I could be focusing on my own city. I compiled this with some of my favorite tracks from local artists coming out of my area, hence the title. The content is pretty straight-forward, there isn’t a whole lot of experimentation on any of these tracks outside the genre of hip-hop, but I found a lot of the rappers on this playlist are very fluid in their individual styles and could rap over just about anything. The city is still progressing tremendously in terms of talent and I hope I’m able to capture it all and everyone finds success how they see fit.  


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