#Worm…Saturday 🛌

Errmm.. I had this typed up on Wednesday, but then fell asleep as soon as I got home then Thanksgiving got in the way of posting it and once I realized it was late, I just caught up on more sleep SO YOUR GRANDMA’S FAVORITE BLOGGER IS BACK. Here it is, Worm..Saturday:

Greetings and salutations fellow music lovers. We are back with the only consistent series on this site: #WormWednesdays. Once again, this is just an entry where I like to talk about the music I’ve been indulging in throughout the week. We were actually hit with a barrage of new music this last week so I’ll outline some of my more favorite releases and maybe a touch on some that I feel should be noted. You’ll have to excuse any errors you may come across, Young Thug and 21 Savage came to my home town to perform at a sold out venue last night so I’m operating on three hours of sleep and a twenty-minute nap I took during my lunch break.

⇒ Low Leaf – Palm Psalms: A Light to Resolve All Darkness

This is an incredible neo-soul album from singer-songwriter Low Leaf out of Los Angeles, California. The very ethereal production showcases Low Leaf’s ability to sing and pluck an assortment of instruments. The production scales all over the place, as if Flying Lotus made field recordings. She has an incredible catalog of music, but on this album, we find her on a jazzier spectrum than we’ve heard before. This album has sent me to other dimensions and I encourage you all to take the journey.

⇒ Dawn Richard – Redemption

The future of pop has never sounded so full and vibrant. This album displays some amazing songwriting and production groovy enough to shake you out of your socks. As a former member of Diddy’s pop-supergroup Danity Kane, Dawn has an extremely polished voice. She sings as if these songs were intended to make the Top 40 list but the production sounds like something you’d want to watch along with the iTunes visualizer. Hitting a range of different sounds, this album starts off strong and quick and then as Dawn opens up, we find the songs getting slower and more dramatic. This album was really well produced and you’ll find some songs that will strike you at your core.

⇒ Kevin Abstract – American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story

American Boyfriend is one of the most honest and revealing albums that has been released this year. Kevin Abstract shares stories of his relationships and the effect they have on himself and the people closest to him. He really encompasses these tales inside his unique soundscapes that can’t quite be defined as hip-hop or indie. I think he does a great job painting the world he lives in on this album, or at least the world he wants us to witness. With an album so personal, it isn’t uncommon to feel some sort of pain behind the words spoken; whether it be in his rapping or singing. With the addition of some very short interludes, he’s able to change the pace of this album with ease and here we find Kevin in his most vulnerable state.


Continuing the trend of talking about moody R&B music, 6LACK delivers his long-awaited LP. With such a trend, I find myself questioning what makes these projects stand out from each other. Just think about almost every alternate R&B project that has come out this year was accompanied with a black and white album cover. 6LACK, on the other hand, has been in this industry for far longer than anticipated. Although this may be his first official debut, he’s been behind the scenes for almost ten years dealing with label frustrations. Now free from all that constraint, he delivers his adequately named project “FREE 6LACK”. 6LACK does a good job of separating himself from the pack by keeping his stories about his personal relationships descriptive, honest, and relatable. The single for the album, “PRBLMS” is a good example of what sets him apart: his production is a bit more hard hitting, which allows him to break out into rapping at any given moment. So we find 6LACK changing the pace of this album often throughout. He also comes with more #bars than you’d typically hear on an R&B album but is still able to deliver catchy croons

⇒ Mele – I Swear (Single)

OH MY GOD, I have been obsessed with this song. From how he opens it with the falsetto and then how the rhythm evokes an urge to dance like no other. I find the hook incredibly catchy and the phrase “You move like the love of my life” quite poetic. I came across this song from a choreographed dance video on youtube and I haven’t stopped listening to it. iTunes has it listed as “Modern Dancehall” so I’m all down for that. The production is pretty simple with a steady bassline, some snaps and drums but it gives Mele plenty of room to groove and set the tone.

⬇︎ I decided to throw in some bonus albums from soundcloud for the extended wait ⬇︎

⇒ AGoff – Evil Trap Files 2: Reloaded

I don’t know how AGoff has reinvented himself from the SODMG weed carrier to one of the frontrunners of the underground, but he has been killing it. Fresh off the release of his first Evil Trap Files tape and a collaboration EP with Goth Money lyricist Kane Grocerys, this tape starts off with the banger “It’s a Knife” in ode to 21 Savage. Splish Splash–who produces the majority of this brief tape–does an excellent job on the production, maximizing the use of bass on this one and “Take a N*gga Bread”. This short tape packs a big punch and oozes swag, hop on this wave quick or have your door kicked in.

⇒ Smokepurpp (lil purpp) – Up Now Fuck Next

The long-awaited tape from hit creator Smokepurpp has arrived. This tape is filled with bangers front to back. Smokepurpp has find a formula that works for him and is able to make compelling hooks along with some clever verses. This tape features three other rappers but it’s obvious he doesn’t need that crutch on the three solo tracks. Although, as I say that, my favorite track is the “diswaydatway” with Larry June. These jams are very #turnt and will have you jumping around your abode and asking your grandma for the K on Christmas.

⇒ CHXPO – Lil Grimy Chxpo

It’s pretty outstanding when a rapper is able to release mixtapes faster than I’m able to listen and write about them. But yeah, CHXPO is just that guy. He’s back with another EP and he’s only reassuring my stance in quantity over quality. Obviously people have conflicting perspectives over this, but I love being able to dig through an artist’s extended discography and unearthing gems. CHXPO will be remembered as a great, I’m sure of it. His sound is only getting more polished, refined and it’s sounding more organized than ever. CHXPO is sharpening himself and has quickly become one of my favorites.


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