#WormWednesday: BASEDGOD EDITION 🌌

Sup worm lovers? I am back with another something for the readers. Please excuse the lack of content on the site, but I have some cool plans coming up in association with this website that should be fun and help keep content churning. So be expecting some interesting stuff in 2017. Anyway, this has been a pretty uninspired week concerning music for me. I didn’t do a whole lot of digging and the major releases we saw weren’t too impressive. It’s weeks like this I find myself listening to the originator of all things swag and music today: Lil’ B the BasedGod.

Let me begin this by saying I cannot fathom the enigma that is Lil’ B, but his influence in this new wave of rappers is evident to anyone keeping up with the genre. I’m sure there have been plenty of think pieces on this guy and if not, then there needs to be more. I’ll try not to delve too much into his appeal, but he’s extremely charismatic and his music sounds unlike anything in the genre. He’s capable of making hilarious, albeit ignorant and slightly obnoxious #bangers that he considers “cooking” music. He can also be a decent spitter and opens up deeply about his thoughts and emotions in a stream of conscious type freestyle we know as “based” freestyles. It’s easy to pull up one of his viral videos on Youtube and think that it’s a proper example of his discography, but that is false. Of course his catalog is littered with some tracks you could consider unlistenable, but if you give his actual releases proper attention, you’d realize he has a lot more to offer. His music is timeless and he was one of the first hip-hop artists to throw out all the rules of rap music and build his own realm that is #BasedWorld.

⇒ Lil’ B – Pink Flame

OKAAY?! The intro starts off with Lil’ B explicitly explaining that if you are not a fan of his music, to just turn the tape off now. And I will admit, this wouldn’t be the best tape to begin with in the labyrinth that is his discography, but it is essential listening for any fan. Some of the production can be very soothing and this tape displays a lot of the appeal of Lil’ B’s aesthetic. With the somewhat groovy, R&B sampled production on this tape, he also has some hilarious ‘cooking’ tracks like “Eat” and “Squirt”. Lil’ B has the capability to spit and he displays that skill often, on tracks “Hood Stories” and “I’m the Bada$$”–where he disses Joey Bada$$. The tape does have its inconsistencies with some pretty awfully repeated hooks, but it’s still more entertaining than most hip-hop releases today, and for the most part, is a pretty solid release in his Flame series of tapes and might even be one of my favorites. My stand out tracks would be Go Under (Remix), Hood Stories, Texas Thug, Takeover, etc.

⇒ Lil’ B – White Flame

Another under-recognized installment of the Flame series, which has to be the most legendary mixtape series of all time and will probably be used as a blueprint for rappers in the foreseeable future. Honestly, the more tapes I listen to, it becomes easier to understand that those who pass Lil’ B off just simply don’t know where to look or start. Lil’ B follows a formula with these two tapes on how he structures his tracklisting–he starts these tapes with the cooking tracks and lets it dissolve into somber, heart felt tracks with some spice sprinkled throughout. This tape displays the pros of both sides; the more braggadocious songs don’t sound as loud and blown out while keeping the slower tracks focused and constructed. He even raps over Prince and The Black-Eyed Peas’ tracks. OUTSTANDING! The stand out tracks for me are Neva Switch, Tank of Propaine, BasedGod’s My Name, Les Miserabel, etc.

Link to his entire discography here thanks to Datpizz.


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