Bruh.. Kane Grocerys

Kane Grocerys has hit us with two tapes this month. The Goth Money rapper released his tape ‘Gothlantistan’ not even a week ago and surprised us again with another in ‘SHYNEBOYZ2K16’ only a couple days later.  This guy wasn’t exactly on my radar prior to these releases, but I was familiar. I’ve been a fan of his collaboration EP with evil, trap rapper AGoff, aptly titled ‘GothMoney SGOD Goons‘, along with multiple loosies littered on his soundcloud. Having released three projects prior and two new EPs back to back, he has solidified himself as a rapper who doesn’t belong in the background.

‘Gothlantistan’ showcases the rapper stomping over heavy production from multiple sources. The tape starts with Grocerys stumbling over a beat that could knock your teeth out that is ‘Hang’ and afterward, we quickly find Grocerys experimenting with his flow. Using a somewhat monotonous flow and inflection , you wonder how far he can carry a tape. He bounces off hard hitting production and even some sticky keys and you see how well the formula can come together on tracks like ‘Wazzam’ and ‘Wana Do’–assisted by OTWG Beats and Oogie Mane. This tape seems crowded and noisy while Kane sounds calm as ever, but I like to think that’s image of ‘Gothlantistan’ that he is trying to portray.

On ‘SHYNEBOYZ2K16’ we find Grocerys glowing a bit brighter with more braggadocios content and the same hard-hitting production. He makes quick work on the 8 track mixtape and begins it over some production that is reminiscent of old New Orleans, Cash Money Era bounce music. The confidence from ‘We Get Paper’ oozes into other verses on tracks “You A Dub” and the more minimalist song ‘F*ck Ya Lifestyle’ featuring another Goth Money associate in Luckaleannn. As Grocerys becomes more conscious of his own success and clout, we find him asking his audience questions like “Who You Tryna Fool” and to point out the haters who are ‘Talkin Down’. Piggybacking on some excellent production, this tape ends almost too soon making the part release an easy and essential listen for any fans of Goth Money, trap rap.


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