Forging Albums and Mixtapes?


It’s pretty easy to open up soundcloud, scroll through your feed consisting of low key super stars and maybe somewhat questionable rap experiments. But what is never easy is waiting and anticipating your favorite artist to release a project of quality tunes. Especially if the anticipation is more exciting than the end product. So despite having to wait for the artists’, I decided to compile their singles, loosies, etc. that have already been uploaded into makeshift projects.The artists mentioned have nothing to do with these projects and a downside of using soundcloud to do this is that the tracks could be removed at anytime as I have no ownership of the songs used or the accounts they are sourced from. This really isnt anything new or mind blowing, but it’s fun and an it’s opportunity to write and show you guys some new music. Below I’ve listed some of the ones I’ve already made containing some incredible hip-hop acts I’ve been following.


Stacy Money has been one of my favorites rappers for a MINUTE. The first post on this site was about this guy and he hasn’t lost consistency, yet. I’ve told many friends and peers that he has the most beautiful harmonies in rap music, today. While sounding so elegant on muddy tracks, his lyrics and content stay somewhat gully. As his name implies, he mostly is all about money and the extravagant possessions it brings. Listen to some of the prettiest rap music below:

Lil Xan & Lil Tweak – Check My Pulse

As much as I bag on white rappers, it’s nice to find some guys still trying to carry the torch. Ever since Eminem’s candle has diminished, rap fans are looking for someone to reignite the fire. In no way can these guys run that race. BUT, they do both make catchy music. Lil Xan almost sounds like a derivative of Lucki, but with better croons, relies more on flow, and utilizes voice modulation. Lil Tweak however brings an energy and presence to the mic while chanting behind auto tuned hooks and verses. Both these guys have a heavy drug influence and it bleeds into their music.

Warhol.SS – Gold Medal

Another one of my favorite guys doing it. Warhol.SS has quickly become of the more threatening forces on the web. He attacks and bounces off tracks whether they have sparkly production or face-slamming bass. With a somewhat monotonous flow, you can hear the authority in his lyrics and in his voice behind them. These songs sound like they’re coming from a young man who has already experienced a lot and  is fed up. His music is unapologetic and seem to act as themes for the life he’s been living. I fully expect this guy to blow up and you should find out why.


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