I love rap music.

I do, I really do. There are some days where I need a taste of something different and there are others where it seems like there is too much hip-hop to listen to. There have already been plenty of good releases this year: Roc Marciano released my favorite rap album so far, the Future albums weren’t his best cup of tea, but I am team #hndrxx and Syd and Kehlani have also dropped some damn near impeccable albums. But the reason for my resurgence in rap music lately must be owed to SOB x RBE and OMB Peezy.

SOB x RBE is a group from Sacramento consisting of Yhung T.O, Lul G, Da Boi, and Slimmy B. These guys are making some extremely catchy rap music that doesn’t compromise any part of their lifestyle or authenticity. Yhung T.O is the stand out artist because he is the only one who sings and he sings WELL. Every time he graces a track, his croons are my favorite part. The rapping from the rest of them is incredibly solid and they fit every type production they’re on. They just released a full-length album after many of their singles have BLOWN UP on Youtube, check some of them out below.

Another guy who is on the verge to blow is OMB Peezy. This guy is from Alabama and is currently making some of the grimiest rap out there. Often compared to Boosie for his voice and flow, with less shriek. Even like a Kodak Black with a more traditional flow who can carry a cadence through each song. His Louisiana influence over Bay Area production meshes perfectly and it’s amazing how well he’s able to hold an entire song. He’s much more of a lyricist and depicts the harsh reality around him and his “Lay Down” reminds me a little of 3 Problems’ track “Lay Low” if you haven’t heard that either. The second verse on “Lay Down” is absolutely outstanding when his flow kicks in. It shouldn’t be too long until everyone is on to these guys.


PREMIERE: Time is Money (EP)

Two local artists just released a brief collaborative EP. Coolie Blow and Nasty N join forces on two tracks to bring you the Time is Money tape. The first track “Ringtone” is produced by another local talent that is Umbra. Coolie skips over the production with cohesive, yet smooth rhyme schemes while Nasty N delivers authoritative bars on both tracks. This is only a sneak peak of what is to come from both artists so get familiar now before Tulsa takes off!

Yung Welch on the track

The local music scene in Tulsa, OK right now is BOOMING. Plenty of artists are coming into their own and we are currently seeing a widespread of talent. Umbra has played a major role in this, turning an open room in his house into a studio for artists alike to work and record. I want to hone our scope on a young producer who goes by Yung Welch and has recently worked in Umbra’s studio.

SIDEBAR: Follow Coolie Blow to stay up to date on his up and coming “EARTH2” project along with an Umbra Collective tape that will feature many different artists in the Tulsa area. I promise they will set flames to the scene.

Only being a senior in high school, he has steadily been perfecting his craft. He recently just released his second instrumental project and it’s filled with glistening production that strings together perfectly. His synths and drums come together to sound other-worldly, making this album a hypnotizing experience. Only running at a length of seven tracks, this tape is easily consumed in one sitting and I often find myself throwing it on for brief smoking sessions. If I get too high, I like to imagine nolanberolling or ronsocold floating over the the melodic production. Check out both of the tapes below and test out your freestyle skills.


We are all work in progress

Just wrapped up the second podcast last night! Tune in to the youtube channel every Monday at/around 7pm CST to watch us live and interact with us. Like I said, this was our second podcast and we touched on critiques we got from the first one, we talked about the Grammys and our love for Tarantino movies. Check it out here:

The podcast has arrived!

One of the things I’ve been working on with my roommates is a podcast. We’ve spent quite some time gathering equipment and an equal amount of time procrastinating. We finally sat down and recorded our first podcast! We discussed our plans for the future of the podcast, David’s car getting DESTROYED, and introduce ourselves to you guys. A lot of it is a work in progress, but we’re happy to get it started. Check it out below and I’ll be sure to hit you guys with more updates soon.