Yung Welch on the track

The local music scene in Tulsa, OK right now is BOOMING. Plenty of artists are coming into their own and we are currently seeing a widespread of talent. Umbra has played a major role in this, turning an open room in his house into a studio for artists alike to work and record. I want to hone our scope on a young producer who goes by Yung Welch and has recently worked in Umbra’s studio.

SIDEBAR: Follow Coolie Blow to stay up to date on his up and coming “EARTH2” project along with an Umbra Collective tape that will feature many different artists in the Tulsa area. I promise they will set flames to the scene.

Only being a senior in high school, he has steadily been perfecting his craft. He recently just released his second instrumental project and it’s filled with glistening production that strings together perfectly. His synths and drums come together to sound other-worldly, making this album a hypnotizing experience. Only running at a length of seven tracks, this tape is easily consumed in one sitting and I often find myself throwing it on for brief smoking sessions. If I get too high, I like to imagine nolanberolling or ronsocold floating over the the melodic production. Check out both of the tapes below and test out your freestyle skills.



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