Did you guys know I loved rap music? It’s true. Before I begin, let me just say most of the information I got is from YouTube comments or literally what he says in his music. I couldn’t find a whole lot about this guy to be honest, so it’ll mostly be what I think about his music. Anyway, in today’s entry, I’m bringing you an artist that hails from California – possibly Inglewood – and goes by  FRosTydaSnowMann aka FRosTydaP aka iCeKoLdpiMp.

Frosty is not a traditional rap artist. His raps are hard, but his voice is nasally. His production slaps, but has the tendency to flow off-kilter’d. And most importantly, the lingo he uses is alienated from anything else I’ve heard. As a white kid from Oklahoma, I’m not going to sit here and try to explain to you what “Gurb” or “Strips” is supposed to mean, but in context, it always somehow makes sense. With all that mentioned, Frosty delivers the same amazement I was met with as a child first discovering what “Trap” meant from when Yung Joc asked me to meet him there. You’ll find lingo like this and more on his newest project MiLLioN doLLa MisSioN which I have had in constant rotation for a weeks.

I’ve only heard one project from Frosty but I don’t think it’s out of the question to compare him and Ron-Ron to the likes of YG and DJ Mustard. Hell, I even read a comment where someone said he was the LA Famous Dex and that seemed to make sense, as well. This guy isn’t just “all that in a bag of chips”, in fact, he’s the entire bag. Frosty packs MiLLioN doLLa MisSioN with bangers, although sounding sonically similar, yet never feeling stale or repetitive. Each song is just as exciting and engaging as the one before it and regardless how you feel about him, I think that can only be the product of creating good music. FRosTydaSnowMann is a extremely unique artist and is on the verge of achieving excellence and I am there every step of the way.


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