The Umbra Collective – consisting of Chad Earls, Coolie Blow, Tall Pockets, Jonny Miller, and Zac Hardin – have released three new singles. Each song is produced and arranged by Chad with additional keys and bass from Jonny and Zac while Coolie and Pockets have the vocals covered. “Feel It” is a passionate song about dreams and aspirations and is probably one of the most moving pieces of music I’ve heard out of the city. Tall Pockets does an outstanding job on the hook while Coolie delivers an earworm with the repeated phrase “When that hype die down, we goin’ see just who lasting” making it a clear stand out track for me. “Ack” slides in where Jonny Miller shines on the piano keys and a smashing guest verse from JuJuan Montray, also out of Tulsa, OK. A syrupy song about nothing but sipping on codeine like an activist where the rap verses shine through the mud and the tune is equally as sticky. The last track “Wifey” is a reprise of an earlier demo, now slowed down has turned into the track initially envisioned. A smooth way to end the imaginative EP with vocals only from Tall Pockets. These three tracks are incredibly well done and the progression from all the artists involved is tremendous. Listen to each track below:



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