Taking a momentary pause from my regular scheduling of Chief Keef loosies and Lil Noid’s mixtape, one of Tulsa’s finest producers, audio engineers, clothing designer – you get it, this man does it all – hit my inbox this morning with one of the best songs I could have awoken to this morning. Umbra Tulsa starts off his new track “I Might” with slow, sedative keys and drums that play like their in auto-pilot. You bob your head along unknowingly the track stretches into deep, uncharted waters. You feel a little nervous as the beat begins to drown, but you quickly realize you haven’t drowned, in fact, you’re met with chattering birds and sunny flutes. You brush yourself off to find you’re standing in an oasis, soon to be dancing and holding hands with strangers. You don’t know when you lost your shoes, but the sand feels warm. You don’t even remember when you started smiling, but that’s the power of music. This track takes samples from “Slide” by Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, and Offset (who actually makes a brief appearance on this track) and explains the shift in tone. A truly cheerful track out of Umbra Tulsa. Stay tuned to his work through Twitter and Soundcloud.

EDIT: Unfortunately, the track was removed from SoundCloud. First come, first serve I suppose!


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