Listen to more Steve Lacy…

I realize last week was filled with so many good music releases. Kendrick being the first and most prioritized, for obvious reasons. Playboi Carti coming in a close second due to the immense anticipation from fans and listeners alike. We also saw some excellent releases from Rich Homie Quan, cupcakKe, Father John Misty, etc. but what I was most impressed by was the talent and ability of Steve Lacy and his performance on DAMN — more notably his production on the track “PRIDE.” What was so inspiring that seemed to yank every ounce of curiousity I had in me was the incredible article WIRED. ran on him. Apparently Steve Lacy proudced his entire first EP by only using a couple instruments and his iPhone. While still accomplishing a pure psychedlic sound that intially drew me in, he manages to do so without out sourcing to other producers, engineers, etc. While he did go on to say that PRIDE. was not exclusively produced on his iPhone, vocal stems and ground work of the production rooted from there. Steve Lacy is originally a part of the super group The Internet who is chuck-filled with talented musicians such as Syd and Matt the Martian who have also released thier solo albums, this year. Get involved with the DIY psychedelia that is Steve Lacy and tune into the playlist I made in dedication of him, below.


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