japanraingoggle! Interview

If you aren’t familiar with japanraingoggle! prepare to hone in on one of the most excellent, young artist out. He’s only 17 and has already had work commissioned for ATL Smook, Ron$oCold, Yung Icey, etc. and plenty of his other artwork floods his twitter and instagram feed. He is obviously a person serious about his craft so I had producer and close affiliate, Yung Welch, get an insight to the process behind japanraingoggle!’s genuis, where he’s from, how he connected with other artists, etc.




Yung Welch: Who is japanraingoggle!


japanraingoggle!: Japanraingoggle! is a mood or a feeling. I want people to feel something when they hear my name rather than associate me with other things.

YW: What kind of mood?


JPR!: Something that is special, rare, and memorable. A mood of exclusiveness that if you feel something from my artwork, then you’re part of something bigger than anyone could ever be.


YW: Where are you from, exactly?


JPR!: Virginia, near D.C. (The DMV)


YW: What’s that like for you?


JPR!: It’s alright. Not many supporters around here but I’m determined to get my city behind my back before I move anywhere else.


YW: Mad respect for that. When did you begin making cover art and how did you know it was something you wanted to pursue?


JPR!: I started my twitter in September 2016 because my friends pushed me to make an art account because I’ve always been drawing and shit. Then people just hit me up for cover art and I discovered the niche that I’m involved in now.


YW: What do you think makes you stand apart from other artists?


JPR!: My work ethic and the way I think of things



YW: Would you explain the process?


JPR!: I just usually have epiphanies of ideas and they happen very quickly most of the time. I am lucky that I rarely have stumps creatively.


YW: Do you have any background in art, design, etc?


JPR!: Nah, I’ve just been drawing since I was little


YW: So what has been your favorite piece you’ve made thus far, and why?


JPR!: Probably my Playboi Carti collab with math, ‘cause Carti is one of my favorite rappers and he actually DM’d me for the piece so it was a crazy awesome vibe.carti jpr


YW: Has this been your biggest accomplishment?


JPR!: I don’t think I’ve really accomplished anything, yet


YW: I feel you. So you’ve done also art previously for Lucki and ATL Smook. How did your most recent piece with Ron $o Cold come about?


JPR!: He just hit me up early when I was going to school and we started texting and he sent me a few songs and asked if I wanted to work and that shit went hard so I said I was with it

rsc jpr (2)

YW: Is there anybody that you really want to work with?


JPR!: @sixmau, @poserrboy, and @papikodone


YW: Who are some of your favorite musicians? Any of them outside of hip hop?


JPR!: Yeah, music is like the number one influence on my life. I love everything except country, haha. Some of my favorite artists in no order are Asap Rocky, Chief Keef, Carti, The Internet, Kid Cudi, The Avalanches, Steve Lacy, Freddie Gibbs, and MF DOOM.

12vy jpr

YW: What kind of legacy do you want to create with your art?


JPR!: I want to become a household name.


YW: Bet, alright! To conclude, any upcoming japanraingoggle! projects that fans should be on the lookout for?


JPR!: A series of personal art that will have an underlying story line.

japanraingoggle! social media:





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