It only makes sense that on the weekend I listen to nothing but Dean Blunt / Hype Williams that two of my favorite musicians from Tulsa would drop experimental, ambient tracks. The track from Umbra features an elegant harp taken from a Rhye’s track “3 Days” and some slow, steady drums in the background. A track crafted for lazy afternoons and gloomy weather. It also features minimal vocals from close collaborators Tall Pockets and fellow producer Yung Welch to stretch this track into a dream-like soundscape. I would not be surprised if Umbra went off to make a side project compiled with stuff like this. The second track is a plunder-phonic playground featuring vocals, drums, and other instrumentation from a myriad of different tunes to come together to create a moving piece of work. Taking puzzle pieces from other songs to create a completely new picture, it seems musician Bearly has re-discovered his passion for painting sonic images. This type of experimentation is what I would really like to see from everyone pursuing music. Listen to the tracks from both artists below.


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