Nolanberollin (AKA “Yung Life Alert” of GAPAHOLICS) is from Virginia, and is more commonly referred to as the “Pharmacist”. By solidifying his image as an anime-loving, car enthusiast, glock carrying, bean supplying –  he has internally connected himself with culture-identifying fans. Through a movement I will now refer to as the “Beanman Complex”, Nolan has shifted expectations of rap music, through self-directing his own media presence and creating a rap genre unlike any other, incorporating his deep toned, nasally voice with self made beats that are eerie and resonate within like no lex luger beat you’ve ever heard.

Aquarium, I got fishscale

I’ma send a letter, blackmail (I’m a nigga!)

All white bricks, my crib’s a igloo

Call me library, cause’ your shit’s overdue


The lyricism of Nolan’s verses create paradoxes and ironies similar to Lil Wayne; his line in “We Be Steady Mobbin” (2009)

Big house, long hallways, got 10 bathrooms, I could shit all day, nigga


shoutout t3enager

Recently in media, Nolan has been counting clout tokens from being featured in that one vlogger-that-fell-off’s videos. Now since “Beanman Season”, he has reached the clout level of random accounts re-uploading his music. He made it! Whether it be getting reached out to by Odd Future, or chilling with Oklahoma born Papikodone, Nolan is authentically ballin’, so much that he has inspired a whole new fashion following.


Nolan uniquely wears GAP and endorses it as his own swag, and as a result, his audience has become so enticed that they have began to jack the swag of the self-proclaimed “GLONE” group, including CaptainCrunchBeats and Ron $o Cold, so much so that Nolan released a song addressing the issue of his swag being jacked. Although his raps contain notions of admiration towards GAP, Nolan clears the issue in debate that he DID NOT encourage his fans to become GAP’d up in his song “Run My Swag Back”, and he even advocates for the halting of his fans wearing GAP.

Niggas wearin GAP

Did I say do that?

Run my swag back,

Run my swag back.

-”Run my swag back” (2017)

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 2.02.47 PM

The same way Retch was a very influential icon to both Polo Sport THEN Nike Tech, (whom arguably caused a dramatic increase in sales and revenue because he rep’d them), Nolan has enacted this same type of influence, conscious or not. Now not only is GAP a more common rap culture gear that is commonly bought by fans, GAP is expanding their line, similar to Nautica endorsing of Lil Yachty. I believe that soon Nolan and the GLONE team will be repping GAP so much that GAP will have to pay homage to them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 2.08.13 PM


On a contemporary battlefield, Nolan is putting out content with Lil Tracy and Yung Bans, further expanding his portfolio as a self made artist.

I can predict a track coming in collaboration with ATL Smook x Nolan real soon, as they have been traveling with each other recently, along with up and coming artist Kill Che who did the cover art for “Get Rich” with CHXPO, Nolan, and Crunch, but also for “LUV WELCH” recently released by producer Yungwelch.


The first song I ever heard from Nolan was “Beanman Season” dating back all the way to 2015, and after that was “Don’t Look at Me ??” (2016). My initial impression after hearing those tracks was shock and awe. I had never heard a similar sound such as Nolan, nor had I experienced such wacky lyrics.08e556d56072b58b4235ab5c186841de.500x500x1 I didn’t view Nolan’s productions as the kind of (trap music) that I bump in my car and typically imagine when I hear the Lex Luger inspired drum kit. Instead, I saw them as innovation in music, creating something that people aren’t use to – and it’s actually exceptionally good. I felt like Nolan’s engineering and skill as a musician is almost unparalleled within the “rap game”, as it is very uncommon that artists produce content that – in a general sense – was created for and by themselves. I have been banging Nolan’s tracks for about a year now I have consistently kept up with Nolan, as I have observed the come up from when he released the “Not No Bitchvideo and the Pharmacist, both videos that I highly recommend sharing.

My favorite tracks by Nolan are : “Gapway” with NellMoney and BigBabyGucci, Half a bean, and “Capsule”.

The Beanman complex continues as every day Nolan receives more and more recognition, making his tracks veering away from the typical rap shit that encapsulates soundcloud entrepreneurs and creates a stigma that all soundcloud users are clout-whores and all aspire to sound like Playboi Carti and XXXtentacion. I will never get tired of the uncommon, unique Nolan style that is so admirably dispersed through his uploads. If I was going to deliver a ranking, I would say Nolan is at the top of his genre, which is unmatched at this moment.download (1)

With final remarks, I would say that the most iconic features you need to know about Nolan is that he stays with the glock, rides round’ in the Ac’, and is the reason your kids will be wearing GAP and buying beans.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 2.12.48 PM

Checkout this Beanman playlist made by MixtapeWorm of all the #dingers on SoundCloud by Nolan!








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