Who is Mach-Hommy?

Are you ever curious who your favorite rappers could be listening to?  Well thank God for social media, because now we can catch peeks of who that may be. Kodak was impacted by the effect of something like this when we saw Drake dancing to SKRT on his private jet through Instagram. Well towards the beginning of the year, Earl Sweatshirt tweeted this:

Granted, this wasn’t even when I first caught wind of this guy. I first discovered Hommy when I came across his critically-acclaimed project HBO [Haitian Body Oder] on Soundcloud; eight months after he released it physically for $300. Afterward is when he decided to upload it digitally โ€“ and for free, at that. But if you haven’t heard of the Haitian-American MC, he hails from New Jersey and was formally an affiliate of Griselda Gang โ€“ The New York rap label operated by WestSide Gunn and his brother, Conway. But outside of that information, I don’t know a whole lot about him: he remains a mystique on social media โ€“ only having just passed a thousand followers on Twitter and having a private account on Instagram. He has also become notorious for releasing music just to delete it later. He doesn’t associate with the new wave of rap artists and sticks close to collaborators like THE GOD FAHIM, who he has two tapes with, Roc Marciano, The Alchemist, etc.  Even if we don’t know much about Mach-Hommy, he has made one thing clear:

His critically-acclaimed release, HBO, is a beautifully crafted album that has Hommy’s lo-fi vocals bobbing and weaving through piano riffs (1080p) while sliding on sirens and horns simultaneously bragging about how his grandmother’s house smells (Mach Marcy). It runs in the same vein as Blu & Exile’s Below the Heavens where the technical aspects of poetry are the focus for the artist and the production is served as mood-setting background noise. His lyrics can be abstract, somewhat obscure and often times Hommy will experiment with unorthodox flows and cadences (Band Anna) to deliver a very cohesive sound.  This tape is the best bundle to start with if you’re interested in Hommy’s style and more “artistic” approach to a typical hip-hop mixtape.

Only after two months, Mach Hommy continues to move forward and makes a darting stride by releasing an EP rapping strictly over Knxwledge beats โ€“ who had also lent one for his HBO project. If you were a fan of that track, you knew it only made sense for these two to have more work in the vault. These guys compliment each other wonderfully: the effortless flow of the low fidelity artist as he flips unfamiliar rhyme schemes over dusty, soul loops sounds more appropriate than ever. Coming from him, it’s a sound that is delivered in a very genuine and authentic manner. He even goes to the extent to deliver some croons in French just to later, let off a rapid-fire, braggadocios flow (Bon Apres – Midi)

Style wars will get you wash dried with your brethren / Why you try to race a mach five with a seven? 

This guy is an absolute goody bag of a rapper because you can’t be too sure of what an artist like this is capable of. I love the importance guys like him and Griselda Gang have put on physical merchandise. Mach-Hommy recently just sold out of autographed 45’s of Bon Apres – Midi for $187*. These limited edition releases drive up demand and soon enough every hip-hop head will be chucking up the cash for this guy’s catalog. I’ve been obsessing over his recent output and you should be too.

*Thanks to Mach-Hommy for the edit


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