Sauceske & Pretty Boy Lloyd – 20 90s [prod. captaincrunch & forza]

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Released by Oklahoma Artist Papikodone, Sauceske and Pretty Boy Lloyd dropped 20 90’s”produced by Captain Crunch and Forza on May 16, 2017.

Big moves baby!

Creator of WHENiWALK, now at 217k plays, Sauceske is an 18-year-old residing in Tulsa, Oklahoma who is closely involved in the DEATHat5 creative. Right now, he is currently working on his debut EP, which I can guarantee will be full of #dingers.


Sauceske underwent a hiatus – ditching music for the past five months, “I had a little episode and said I was done with this music shit…”, but now he is back and ready to reclaim the throne with more conviction and creative determination than ever, “I can’t quit.”

I personally applaud Sauceske for his true honesty of his motive to make music – it is inspiring to see creatives from a small town in the Midwest – so remote from the proclaimed culture centers of America who have significantly influenced the music scene, “I’m just about to do big shit so my kid [doesn’t have to] stress at all, that’s really my only inspiration.” With a kid on the way, the real struggles of adolescence are a pressing matter in his content, discussing the controversial topics of becoming a real human being with real matters at hand.


Sauceske and Captain Crunch – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sauceske and Captain Crunch are, in fact, the ultimate dynamic duo and I am mega excited to see what kind of innovations will come in the future, but also to see the next move in the planning book.

Listen to Captain Crunch’s most recent project with artist Bigbabygucci:


What I think sets Sauceske apart from other artists is his hindsight perspective or music – having seen the effects of how mainstream culture can affect a generation and ultimately leading him to change his ideology and approach in his presentation of personality and expression, “Most rap niggas lost my attention when I seen how niggas really rock”, this speaks to greater meaning, really encapsulating the transition of how rap music, in general, is just diluted. I remember when rap music wasn’t as easy as mumbling over a stolen beat, then posting it with some unoriginal, themed name starting with “Lil” or “Yung”, while wearing SoundCloud glasses and getting clout from random kids because of the genre involvement. Rap music used to have a value greater than this, and due to this high contrast, Sauceske has a lot going for him in his future, evidently setting himself apart from this grotesque anomaly in culture.

Now that Sauceske isn’t locked up anymore, there is absolutely nothing holding him back from the next up.  Keep an eye out for his upcoming EP where there will be big names in the collaboration process. Shit is finna go 30.

Listen to Sauceske & Pretty Boy Lloyd – 20 90s [prod. captaincrunch & forza]

Listen to WHENiWALK

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Sauceske and artist JRScoot





This was an entry by Austin Welch. If you’d like to see him and his luscious locks, follow him on twitter – @4WELC.

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