Wiz Khalifa channeling Max B

Granted, I’ve never been a huge fan of Wiz Khalifa or Max B, so this post may be coming late and a bit out of context. But I just caught wind of what made Max B so great recently and I was barely in high school when Wiz Khalifa started popping off so his body of work was skimmed over as other artists who stood out more, to me, took precedent. I’ve had three volumes of Max B’s work clogged in my iTunes library, rarely being listened to, much less interacted with. Until recently, in search of new music to listen to, I finally decided to load my 12 GB iPhone with the first volume of the compilation (I tried to research who compiled these volumes by way of a Google search but didn’t get any results back, unfortunately) but it’s titled “Vol. 1 – In My WavePrime” and even after a brief run through, it was clear to see the appeal behind Max Biggaveli.

A flow so smooth, his lyrics almost act as a cheat sheet for when he raps. His content is sharp, witty, charming, ambitious, arrogant, etc. and honestly sounds like an anomaly to New York. His croons were more romantic than they were tough, like you imagine other artists from the Big Apple. He utilized all aspects of his voice and many rappers took note of what he was doing and tried to implement it into a style of their own.

The second verse from “Boss Don” is one of the best rap verses I’ve heard in recent memory.

Now enter a young Wiz Khalifa. In effort to write this entry, I entered a simple Google search of “Wiz Khalifa Max B” and found out they’ve actually done a song together and Khalifa, does indeed, list Max B as one of his biggest and greatest influences. I thought it was pretty interesting, as XXL highlights, Wiz Khalifa stated in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid “He thinks really highly of himself, and you gotta be a super human being to present that to people. That’s what I’m giving y’all. I’m not giving y’all Max B. I’m not giving y’all [Krayzie Bone], I’m giving y’all great music that’s been done for years. This is my version of it.” talking about Max B and himself.

That interview was posted in 2016, so it seems like Wiz still has the same mindset he had when he started, just developed a style of his own. I was never able to draw the comparisons when Wiz was just coming out because my knowledge of Max B was extremely limited — and probably non-existent — but now it seems I’ve almost gained a new appreciation for Wiz Khalifa’s earlier releases. I don’t know if it’s genuine or out of pretension, as if I’m finally in on a joke I never got. Maybe a few repeated listens, I’ll agree with those who say “Kush & OJ” is the greatest mixtape of all time. That is another conversation for another day … but a quick shout out to “So Far Gone”

If you know of any other Wiz Khalifa tracks that sound like he is channeling Max B, feel free to send them to me! I’m always interested in listening and discovering new music. Have you gained a new sense of appreciation for the music Wiz Khalifa has released? Or is he still the same sell-out stoner people never wanted him to become? Aristotle said it best, “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know”


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