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On Thursday, June 1st, producers TayMasterChef and LORDFUBU released a collaborative tape, featuring six #dingers. TAYMASTERFUBU is a combination of both rhythmic melody and innovative drum patterns, creating an ultimately authentic sound and marking an iconic milestone in the hip-hop producer spectrum.

A track that caught my attention almost immediately is track “MASTERFUBU006 [OUTRO]” , and initially I heard the instrument bounce back and forth, moving across the octaves, and I can’t begin to estimate my level of excitement when I heard a jazz influence directly affecting the song. This acquisition of music and sound engineering is unlike any other, proven from my non-stop head bobbing. After I heard this song, I called up my homie and told him to drop what he was doing to listen to it. I love the crescendo starting from the beginning, making the listener anticipate the hard hook drop. At this point in the tape, I’m thinking “how could it get any better than this“.

Four months ago while searching the depths of the internet, looking for music that I hadn’t heard, I actually came across TayMasterChef through his release of “Tay Samples 2“. I will never forget what it did for me, hearing a new artist using sounds that I had never seen or heard anyone use — tapping into other genres besides hip hop, adding little hints of R&B and Soul, but the second beat from the samples… I had to play this for every single one of my friends every time we saw each other — the way the flutes were layered and the horn was just incredible and remarkable, coming from a producer, myself.

Last night I fell asleep watching Initial D, and I woke up listening to this tape for a few hours and found myself in an epiphany — this tape is score material for an anime series — this thought struck my head as I blinked and closed my gaping jaw after seeing animation frame changes of sparkles and colors coinciding with the synth movement of “MASTERFUBU001 [INTRO]“, I felt like I could envision this being a modernization of an anime soundtrack – creating new landmarks in producer collaboration sound and capitalizing on unique style. This relationship between hard drums and whimsical chording is what sets a stage for becoming the new up next.

MASTERFUBU002 felt like I was playing Kirby Air Ride on the GameCube wandering free roam mode, riding all over the map and discovering new territory as if I had not a single care in the world and all the time in my day to have this song on repeat. It had a dreamy, ethereal feel, emphasizing all the reverb in the strings and harps, it is just the beat to wake up to, clean your house to, or jump around and acting a fool alone in the house – or even to show your mom and be like, “hey mom check this flame out!”, speaking from experience only.

When I listened to MASTERFUBU003, I heard a huge influence from ICYTWAT. That’s awesome, and I love how artists can keep building off each other to accentuate certain sounds to further express style. I extremely admire not only the simplicity of this beat, as it is very auditorily pleasing and incentive-giving to freestyle over, but also the whole tape. I felt like this tape was the perfect cameo of a genius-ly, time-consumingly vast creation that conclusively hides under the facade that it is simple-rap beats — because they are and they aren’t. There is nothing simple about the tape, LORDFUBU, TayMasterChef, or the collective of both of them.

MASTERFUBU004 sounded to me like a beat that Kane Grocerys could use, possessing that feeling of being really vibe-y and as if you could just ride it out — no wonder that the work of these producers has amounted to hits with Lucki, YG Addie, $ilkMoney, Warhol.ss, etc. I love how they play with melodic variation, taking your mind on a journey while you listen. As a producer myself, I can understand the complexity of how difficult it can be to make beats that feature sound diversity while still being enjoyable. These beats are more than enjoyable.

This EP is the result of raw talent being refined with a unique perception of the music industry, specifically the avid listeners of today’s hip hop music, due to the depth of understanding of style but also how to personally refine talent. Both LORDFUBU and TayMasterChef have a huge future ahead of them.

This was an entry by Austin Welch. If you’d like to see more of him and his luscious locks, follow him on Twitter.

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