Umbra Hits a Triple Play

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One of the hardest working producers in Tulsa’s local music scene just shared two, new tracks after just recently releasing a collaborative instrumental with Yung Welch in “Out the Way”. The first track is another collaboration with the young prodigy Yung Welch, but “Penthouse” features CountryBoyJuug on vocals sounding catchy as ever over a palette suited perfectly for his brush. The track then takes a quick turn through a codeine waterfall and becomes slow & sparse while CountryBoy continues to rhyme about designer denim and Bentley dreams. These artists are really starting to come into their own style and it’s fascinating to see what these collaborations can bring.

Only shortly after uploading “Penthouse”, Umbra decides to release another track in honor of the passing of the extraordinary Amy Winehouse. “Understand” is a rework of Winehouse’s track “I Heard Love Is Blind” and features a cozy drum pattern and chops of acoustic guitars behind a silky voice and provides a lovely contrast to the many styles and influences behind the motivated producer. I am a huge fan of both tracks and would encourage anyone to listen to them both.


BODILESS – YTK (Visual directed by Ausxtaylor)

With a lyrically, focused track and precise visual, new artist YungTrvpKid apart of Arvada Creatives premieres his song “Bodiless”. YTK is a 17-year-old coming from Baltimore, Maryland. Arvada Creatives’ Ryan Antar is an 18-year-old also from Baltimore.

This video is what I like to label a Mixtape Worm exclusive title, DINGER ALERT!!!

What I think really sets this visual a part is the continuity of theme, style, and the relationship between the lyrics and the beat. I felt like I was peering into a scene of music from Europe, completely foreign and ignorant to what I was experiencing. I enjoyed how efficiently the video was filmed and edited, clearly demonstrating a high skill in cinematography, while also exhibiting an evident capability of going beyond a baseline idea to following through with masterful execution. What this group did was not by any means an amateur production, and because of that, I think that they are really onto something bigger. Establishing ideas like the ones used to create this video is visual proof of next level intuition coming from the Arvada team as well as YTK.


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Robitussin, Oil, and Crotches? Oh my!



In Tulsa’s rising, local music scene, there was once a band named The Lukewarm. A very infectious, psychedelic band that was quite popular around the city. They went on to do many shows and performances while garnering a large audience. The group’s output seem to decrease and from that spawned a very peculiar duo that were once the lead singer and keyboardist for the four man band. Campbell & Gardner, which what seemed to have been started as a side project, has fully progressed into the enigmatic tag team, tongue twisters they are now.

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PREMIERE: Yung Welch & Umbra – Out The Way

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Two of my favorite producers cooking behind the boards right now are back with another #dinger. I’m really starting to appreciate these instrumental tracks more and more as they come. These tracks alone, I feel, really display the immense progression of not just the two beat makers, but hip hop production itself. The synths on the track shine like spotlights, one popping in after the next in search of that playful noise coming from something of a UFO which peeks in and out of the production. Around the one minute mark, there is brief change-up that really adds to the entire track, emphasizing the hypnotic sound both these producers are known for. Check out the track below: