BODILESS – YTK (Visual directed by Ausxtaylor)

With a lyrically, focused track and precise visual, new artist YungTrvpKid apart of Arvada Creatives premieres his song “Bodiless”. YTK is a 17-year-old coming from Baltimore, Maryland. Arvada Creatives’ Ryan Antar is an 18-year-old also from Baltimore.

This video is what I like to label a Mixtape Worm exclusive title, DINGER ALERT!!!

What I think really sets this visual a part is the continuity of theme, style, and the relationship between the lyrics and the beat. I felt like I was peering into a scene of music from Europe, completely foreign and ignorant to what I was experiencing. I enjoyed how efficiently the video was filmed and edited, clearly demonstrating a high skill in cinematography, while also exhibiting an evident capability of going beyond a baseline idea to following through with masterful execution. What this group did was not by any means an amateur production, and because of that, I think that they are really onto something bigger. Establishing ideas like the ones used to create this video is visual proof of next level intuition coming from the Arvada team as well as YTK.


YTK has a thorough understanding of cadence which is why it consistently grabs my attention from start to finish every time it plays, unlike most songs in my library.

Baptist slash judge mathis
Everybody a crackhead
Skeletons in the attic
They dancing very erratic

-“BODILESS – YTK” (2017)

When the video begins, a very ethereal tone is created by this dazed feeling of disconnect, hence the title; with the added glare effects I felt like I was hallucinating mildly, and I was puzzled to find details within the video through complex use of mise-en-scène with the constant rotating and diverging images across the screen.


I am beyond hyped for the futures of both YTK and Arvada Creatives. They have reached a point of deep understanding with the management and exertion of their creativity, so I have no doubt that they’ll be on top very soon.

In the coming weeks, YTK will be dropping his debut album called “Jimmymac”. Stay tuned with them on social media.




This was an entry by Austin Welch with special thanks to Chad Earls. If you’d like to see more of him and his luscious locks, follow him on Twitter.



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