Robitussin, Oil, and Crotches? Oh my!



In Tulsa’s rising, local music scene, there was once a band named The Lukewarm. A very infectious, psychedelic band that was quite popular around the city. They went on to do many shows and performances while garnering a large audience. The group’s output seem to decrease and from that spawned a very peculiar duo that were once the lead singer and keyboardist for the four man band. Campbell & Gardner, which what seemed to have been started as a side project, has fully progressed into the enigmatic tag team, tongue twisters they are now.

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On Thursday, June 1st, producers TayMasterChef and LORDFUBU released a collaborative tape, featuring six #dingers. TAYMASTERFUBU is a combination of both rhythmic melody and innovative drum patterns, creating an ultimately authentic sound and marking an iconic milestone in the hip-hop producer spectrum.

A track that caught my attention almost immediately is track “MASTERFUBU006 [OUTRO]” , and initially I heard the instrument bounce back and forth, moving across the octaves, and I can’t begin to estimate my level of excitement when I heard a jazz influence directly affecting the song. This acquisition of music and sound engineering is unlike any other, proven from my non-stop head bobbing. After I heard this song, I called up my homie and told him to drop what he was doing to listen to it. I love the crescendo starting from the beginning, making the listener anticipate the hard hook drop. At this point in the tape, I’m thinking “how could it get any better than this“. Continue reading

Wiz Khalifa channeling Max B

Granted, I’ve never been a huge fan of Wiz Khalifa or Max B, so this post may be coming late and a bit out of context. But I just caught wind of what made Max B so great recently and I was barely in high school when Wiz Khalifa started popping off so his body of work was skimmed over as other artists who stood out more, to me, took precedent. I’ve had three volumes of Max B’s work clogged in my iTunes library, rarely being listened to, much less interacted with. Until recently, in search of new music to listen to, I finally decided to load my 12 GB iPhone with the first volume of the compilation (I tried to research who compiled these volumes by way of a Google search but didn’t get any results back, unfortunately) but it’s titled “Vol. 1 – In My WavePrime” and even after a brief run through, it was clear to see the appeal behind Max Biggaveli.

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Who is Mach-Hommy?

Are you ever curious who your favorite rappers could be listening to?  Well thank God for social media, because now we can catch peeks of who that may be. Kodak was impacted by the effect of something like this when we saw Drake dancing to SKRT on his private jet through Instagram. Well towards the beginning of the year, Earl Sweatshirt tweeted this:

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japanraingoggle! Interview

If you aren’t familiar with japanraingoggle! prepare to hone in on one of the most excellent, young artist out. He’s only 17 and has already had work commissioned for ATL Smook, Ron$oCold, Yung Icey, etc. and plenty of his other artwork floods his twitter and instagram feed. He is obviously a person serious about his craft so I had producer and close affiliate, Yung Welch, get an insight to the process behind japanraingoggle!’s genuis, where he’s from, how he connected with other artists, etc.




Yung Welch: Who is japanraingoggle!


japanraingoggle!: Japanraingoggle! is a mood or a feeling. I want people to feel something when they hear my name rather than associate me with other things.

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Listen to more Steve Lacy…

I realize last week was filled with so many good music releases. Kendrick being the first and most prioritized, for obvious reasons. Playboi Carti coming in a close second due to the immense anticipation from fans and listeners alike. We also saw some excellent releases from Rich Homie Quan, cupcakKe, Father John Misty, etc. but what I was most impressed by was the talent and ability of Steve Lacy and his performance on DAMN — more notably his production on the track “PRIDE.” What was so inspiring that seemed to yank every ounce of curiousity I had in me was the incredible article WIRED. ran on him. Apparently Steve Lacy proudced his entire first EP by only using a couple instruments and his iPhone. While still accomplishing a pure psychedlic sound that intially drew me in, he manages to do so without out sourcing to other producers, engineers, etc. While he did go on to say that PRIDE. was not exclusively produced on his iPhone, vocal stems and ground work of the production rooted from there. Steve Lacy is originally a part of the super group The Internet who is chuck-filled with talented musicians such as Syd and Matt the Martian who have also released thier solo albums, this year. Get involved with the DIY psychedelia that is Steve Lacy and tune into the playlist I made in dedication of him, below.