One of Tulsa’s hottest, emerging rappers is back with another #DINGER, taking assistance from his right-hand man, Umbra. The two continue to build collaboratively and have delivered some incredible pieces; this one is no different. The duo offers us Zoomin: a brief, hypnotic track where Umbra pulls from “Plastic 100 Degrees Celsius” by Sampha and Domonick flows like mercury and rhymes in a stream-of-conscious type manner that only emphasizes the mesmerizing production to the point he has to remind himself to stay focused throughout the track — the two beans are getting to him and Dom needs the dream of a new Rover to keep him determined. This song illustrates the swag St. Domonick oozes, while Umbra provides the perfect backbone to an already poised rapper. Catch the #DINGER below:


It only makes sense that on the weekend I listen to nothing but Dean Blunt / Hype Williams that two of my favorite musicians from Tulsa would drop experimental, ambient tracks. The track from Umbra features an elegant harp taken from a Rhye’s track “3 Days” and some slow, steady drums in the background. A track crafted for lazy afternoons and gloomy weather. It also features minimal vocals from close collaborators Tall Pockets and fellow producer Yung Welch to stretch this track into a dream-like soundscape. I would not be surprised if Umbra went off to make a side project compiled with stuff like this. The second track is a plunder-phonic playground featuring vocals, drums, and other instrumentation from a myriad of different tunes to come together to create a moving piece of work. Taking puzzle pieces from other songs to create a completely new picture, it seems musician Bearly has re-discovered his passion for painting sonic images. This type of experimentation is what I would really like to see from everyone pursuing music. Listen to the tracks from both artists below.

Umbra Hits Always Thumping

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 5.32.46 PM

Umbra puts on for the city, once again. The Tulsa, OK producer brings us another hit in “Erykah” featuring local artists St. Dominick on the first verse, Coolie Blow on the second, Jonny Miller covering the hooks and Tall Pockets filling in the gaps. The production sounds submerged in water, while the waviest rappers give it a ride. Take a listen, below!


Taking a momentary pause from my regular scheduling of Chief Keef loosies and Lil Noid’s mixtape, one of Tulsa’s finest producers, audio engineers, clothing designer – you get it, this man does it all – hit my inbox this morning with one of the best songs I could have awoken to this morning. Umbra Tulsa starts off his new track “I Might” with slow, sedative keys and drums that play like their in auto-pilot. You bob your head along unknowingly the track stretches into deep, uncharted waters. You feel a little nervous as the beat begins to drown, but you quickly realize you haven’t drowned, in fact, you’re met with chattering birds and sunny flutes. You brush yourself off to find you’re standing in an oasis, soon to be dancing and holding hands with strangers. You don’t know when you lost your shoes, but the sand feels warm. You don’t even remember when you started smiling, but that’s the power of music. This track takes samples from “Slide” by Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, and Offset (who actually makes a brief appearance on this track) and explains the shift in tone. A truly cheerful track out of Umbra Tulsa. Stay tuned to his work through Twitter and Soundcloud.

EDIT: Unfortunately, the track was removed from SoundCloud. First come, first serve I suppose!


The Umbra Collective – consisting of Chad Earls, Coolie Blow, Tall Pockets, Jonny Miller, and Zac Hardin – have released three new singles. Each song is produced and arranged by Chad with additional keys and bass from Jonny and Zac while Coolie and Pockets have the vocals covered. “Feel It” is a passionate song about dreams and aspirations and is probably one of the most moving pieces of music I’ve heard out of the city. Tall Pockets does an outstanding job on the hook while Coolie delivers an earworm with the repeated phrase “When that hype die down, we goin’ see just who lasting” making it a clear stand out track for me. “Ack” slides in where Jonny Miller shines on the piano keys and a smashing guest verse from JuJuan Montray, also out of Tulsa, OK. A syrupy song about nothing but sipping on codeine like an activist where the rap verses shine through the mud and the tune is equally as sticky. The last track “Wifey” is a reprise of an earlier demo, now slowed down has turned into the track initially envisioned. A smooth way to end the imaginative EP with vocals only from Tall Pockets. These three tracks are incredibly well done and the progression from all the artists involved is tremendous. Listen to each track below:

Bon I-bear

Taking samples from Bon Iver’s newest project, local artist Bearly discovers Fire. Coming off a brief hiatus from his last album, he delivers a hypnotizing ambient track filled with soft drums, slow synths, and compelling saxophones. Get lost in the track below and hopefully, we hear more from the plunderphonic magician soon.